2017 Black Friday Sales – Shop Today and Enjoy the Special Deals!

Most shoppers are anticipatory of Black Friday to buy most of their needs. The reason is that people expect to buy most items at mind blowing discounts online and in physical stores. But what is Black Friday and what is it about?

What is the History of Black Friday Sales Day?

Black Friday retailers shopping tradition has a checkered history. From the story of the crash in the gold market on Wall Street to Thanksgiving shopping-related tradition, Black Friday is today known by many as the day when retail businesses make the most profit after a period of loss. Black, which signifies the accounting practice of recording profits in Black while a loss is recorded in Red, has become worldwide as a time to buy stuff at discount sales while businesses record huge profits as a result.

Whatever the history of Black Friday you have read about, the bottom-line of the season is a period of retail shopping where both retailers and shoppers have the most shopping experience and price discount with bumper sales. Black Friday has thus become one of the best days of the year for purchasing your Christmas gifts.

Black Friday Ads Promise Special Deals – Are these Sales Genuine?

Nobody wants to ignore discount sales, but on some occasions, we are receiving a real large discount since the base price of the items was significantly increased a day or two prior to Black Friday. During Black Friday, 2017 you need to be careful to avoid scams like this as not all the Ads screaming discount sales are genuine. Although we aren’t saying all Ads are rogue, you need to go with tested and trusted retailers to have the best deals as promised by the sellers on Black Friday.

Can I Shop Online at Walmart, Kohl S, Macy’s, Currys, Toys r us & others on Black Friday Sales?

Thinking of getting a better deal going into a traditional discount stores like Walmart, Kohl S, Macy’s, Curry’s and many other stores? on Black Friday this may be a waste of your precious time as both the online and in-store offer the same shopping experience on the auspicious day. In fact, studies have shown that you are likely to get a better offer online than waiting in the queue and still have to pay more in addition to wasting more time instead of shopping in the comfort of your home.

As more stores enter into the pre-Black Friday sales frenzy, shopping online is getting more attention as more stores are rolling out mobile apps to help shoppers shop in their stores. That means you are getting access to the same items in the physical store by using your mobile app. Going by a CNN report, close to 9,000 physical stores will be closing in 2017 to focus on online stores. Nonetheless, a Forbes’ report says Walmart is focusing more on online sales starting from 2016 and this year’s Black Friday at Walmart isn’t going to be different.

Do Amazon and eBay have Black Friday Sales?

With more than 100 million shoppers finding what to buy online, a number which more than doubled during Black Friday sales, neither Amazon nor eBay will ignore such incredible opportunities to sell. In fact, these companies did offer fabulous deals on Black Friday in 2016, and 2017 will not be an exception.

From fashion items to toys for kids and consumer electronics for your home, the eBay Black Friday deal in 2016 took a prominent ad space to herald the coming sales for the season. The same frenzied pre-seasons advertisement happened with Amazon taking prominent ads spaces to invite shoppers. For Black Friday, 2017 sales, expect Amazon and eBay to be all out to take a large bite of the army of customers finding online shopping more convenient than going into stores.

While it looks great to participate on Amazon and eBay for the Black Friday offers, you should be concerned about the quality of items you are getting from the retailers on those platforms.

Why is this necessary? I will tell you in a moment.

Amazon and eBay are platforms for thousands of different sellers offering various qualities of products for sale. Items that may look alike may be significantly different in quality and if you think you can rely on reviews think again, since there are many shady companies offering seller to place “5 star reviews” on their product page. So when shopping for Black Friday deals try and avoid these sellers as much as possible.

Don’t get it confused, good guys are selling on Amazon and eBay, the problem is that sometimes in order to survive they are forced to use the same shady tactics. That is why your best shopping alternatives and on Black Friday in particular is to shop in dedicated stores where you have people who take responsibility for what they are selling to you on such important day.

One of such dedicated store is gift4u where you have Trust as the essential element that bonds them and their customers. As the Black Friday, 2017 beckons, gift4u is a reliable online store you should become familiar with so as to get ready for the crazy retailing period across the world. Wherever you may be around the world, you can shop gift4u online and purchases on Black Friday the hot sales which are available to you and the items will be shipped to you free of charge.

Are there also Black Friday Deals outside the US such as UK & Canada?

If you think Black Friday only happens in the US because it’s a day following Thanksgiving Day, you are mistaken. Although it may have started as a US day, Black Friday is today, a worldwide phenomenon thanks to the internet.

Wherever you are in the world whether it is Canada, UK or anywhere else, you can for example visit the gift4u store during the period of Black Friday and enjoy the great Black Friday deals as many online and local stores in the countries now observe on this day.

In the UK, a 2015 BBC report said the UK shoppers were fighting over bargains an event that led to website crashing and companies struggling to cope with a surge in the number of customers to serve. Canadians have been cross-border shopping for a long time on Black Friday, but today, businesses in Canada are participating in Black Friday sales to catch in on the annual sales season to make more money. As we see it, Black Friday has gone global even to the continent of Africa where shoppers participate in cross-border shopping to benefit from a drop in price during Black Friday sales.

Shopping on Black Friday – What are the popular items?

As stores flung open their doors for Black Friday, 2017 the following products will find the most patronage from discount loving people across the world. In the electronic section are items such as iPhones, HDTVs, Laptops, Tablets, LCD TVs, Apple watch, Headphones, Game Consoles, Cars, Guns, Fashion, and kitchenware deals to mention just a few.

What is the date of Black Friday 2017?

The Black Friday history is not complete in the US without Thanksgiving, the day that precedes this great sales day. For Black Friday, 2017 the date is Friday, November 24 and this year's Thanksgiving is on November 23.

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