2017 Cyber Monday Sale – Shop Today and Enjoy the Special Deals

What is the history of Cyber Monday Sales Day?

If it weren't for the US Thanks Giving holiday, there would be no such thing as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Before it became popular as we know it today, Cyber Monday was the biggest day for online sales in the U.S, since it comes after the day that most people get paid. By 2005, the National Retail Foundation declared the Monday after Thanksgiving as Cyber Monday when online sales spiked.

Cyber Monday along with Black Friday have become the preferred day for shoppers to purchase their Christmas gifts. The only problem with purchasing online on these days is that it is just month prior to Xmas and due to the very high volume of online sales which is increasing from year to year, items may get lost in the mail or delivery may be significantly delayed.

Cyber Monday Ads (TV & Online) Promise Specials Deals – Are these Sales Genuine?

Although Cyber Monday isn't hyped the same way as Black Friday, it still dominates when it comes to online sales. The Cyber Monday sales Ads that are posted online and aired on TV attract a multitude of shoppers even without advertising the big day several weeks in advance. The best thing about shopping on Cyber Monday is that you get the item you ordered at a great discount since it's not a hoax. One of the main reasons why most people anticipate shopping on Cyber Monday is due to the special deals you get as posted on online ads and those aired on TV. Cyber Monday 2017 is expected to be bigger and better than last year.

Can I shop online for Cyber Monday Specials on Walmart, Best Buy, Macy's, JCPenney & others?

The stores mentioned above are retail stores and not original online stores. The main disadvantage of shopping in these stores on Cyber Monday is that they don't offer Cyber Monday deals on all the items they sell in their retail stores. Therefore, buyers are limited to only a few items selected for them and posted on their online stores for Cyber Monday deals. Besides that, the prices on their online stores are slightly lower compared to retail stores, which means buyers who don't know about Cyber Monday spend more when they buy from these retail stores.

Do Amazon and eBay have Cyber Monday Sales?

The best thing about Cyber Monday sales is that different online stores such as Amazon and eBay have an opportunity to sell their products. However, these stores are home to thousands of different sellers, so you can never be certain about the products' quality and the services you'll get from such stores. With dedicated stores such as gift4u, you can be sure that all items on sales are of highest quality and services is excellent, this is due to the fact to you are dealing only with one seller which has handpicked for you every single present making sure your present will bring a smile to his or her face when they receive it.

Are there also Cyber Monday Deals outside the US such as UK & Canada?

Luckily, for those who live outside the US such as in the UK or Canada, you can also get special deals on all your favorite items when you shop on Cyber Monday. In addition to that, you also get free shipping for the products you buy from gift4u on Cyber Monday.

Shopping on Cyber Monday – What are the popular items?

Shopping on Cyber Monday is an amazing experience since you can do it from your home on your desktop, laptop or even smartphone. The items available vary from clothes, to home appliances and the best electronics such as iPhones, Apple watches, video games, headphones, cameras, tablets, laptops, computers, printers and game consoles such as Xbox One and PS4. You can even get special deals on flight and travel deals to countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Peru, South Africa, Mexico & Australia which are in the southern hemisphere making it an excellent place for your winter or should I say summer vacation.

If you want to get great discounts a large variety of special gifts you've planned to purchase on Cyber Monday, gift4u is your one-stop online store enabling to purchase everything in one store and at incredibly low prices.

What is the date of Cyber Monday 2017?

In case you missed out on Cyber Monday 2016 or you've been planning for it this year, no need to worry since Cyber Monday 2017 is almost here. Mark your calendar on November 27 for Cyber Monday 2017 so that you don't miss out on this year's specials.